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Date: Wednesday 17 June
18.30 – 20.00

Venue: National Science and Media Museum

TEDx Youth Event

Students Speak Out                     

The Bradford Education Festival is partnering with the Speakers Trust to work with Year 10 students across our city to help them develop their public speaking and communication skills to share their perspective on our city.

The Trust will work with participating schools throughout the school year. (See below if your school would like to join this programme).

The finale of the programme will be a TEDx Youth event on 17 June 2020, hosted at the National Science and Media Museum. Students will share their ideas, passions and views about our city with a live audience in a globally recognised TEDx event.


 This programme is free to secondary schools, for Year 10 students. This programme has already run successfully in Bradford for the last two years, with a track record of success.

More information about the Speakers Trust >

In summary:

  • The Speakers Trust provides a full day of in-school communications skills training for mixed-ability groups of around 30 students. Workshops are delivered by professional trainers. We have capacity for about 17 workshops in total, so if demand in high, schools may need to partner.
  • The workshop first builds psychological safety and confidence and then the development of skills and structure, content and delivery for effective communication.
  • All participants are encouraged and supported to speak during the day, culminating in every young person having the chance to give a two minute speech, without notes, on a topic they have chosen.
  • Schools set up school assemblies to give students to share their speeches with a larger audience. Students with a real passion for their chosen topic (whatever that might be) will be invited to speak at the TEDxYouth event on 17 June.

The in-school link for the programme is typically a Head of English, Year 10 group leader or similar.

To join the programme, schools are invited to express interest no later than mid November. Workshops take place (typically) in the Spring term (but can be earlier), and school assemblies in April or May.  The TEDxYouth event is in June 2020.

Click here to register your interest in joining the programme, and we’ll be in touch.