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Date: Thursday 18 June 2020

Venue: City Centre

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fPhC5Rfe_400x400You’ve Taught It – But Did They Get It?

Learning from the latest research on student feedback and assessment

In partnership with the Bradford Research School

As the saying goes, the single biggest problem in any form of communication is the illusion that it has taken place.  How do you know that what you have you taught has landed with pupils?

In this focused one day conference, we’ll explore the very latest thinking on student feedback to find out what works, as the Education Endowment Foundation prepares to publish it latest evidence review on this topic.

Providing high-quality feedback to pupils is integral to effective teaching. Equally, gathering feedback on how well pupils have learned a topic is important in enabling teachers to address any misunderstanding and provide the right level of challenge in future lessons.

Together with speakers engaged in developing the latest evidence-informed guidance on feedback with the Education Endowment Foundation, we’ll explore what research tells us.

This event is open to teachers from all Bradford schools and is relevant to primary, secondary and special settings.  It is open to teachers at all career stages, and will be most useful to those who have a wider school responsibility for approaches to student feedback.

Registration opens in Spring 2019. 

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